Photo credits:   http://www.hoiser.de             

History & Current Status:

The dwarf Brahmas are an old breed. After a failed attempt in England, the breed came to its own in Germany. The dwarf Brahmas are bred in Germany in nine recognized color varieties: white-black columbia ,white-blue columbia, yellow-black columbia ,yellow-blue columbia, silver – banded, partridge – banded, blue partridge banded, blue silver banded orange back with black Isabella, banded blue – in the recognition procedure. The dwarf Brahma chickens are among the largest known dwarf chickens. Despite being larger than other bantam breeds, the hens lay smaller eggs. One of the best-known features of the breed is the feather on the legs. The bantam Brahmas are very calm and docile birds.

  1. Combs type: triple or pea
  2. Skin colour: yellow
  3. Legs: yellow
  4. Egg colour:. tinted
  5. Broodiness: broodiness
  6. Feding: moderate consumption
  7. Nature: sedate
  8. Standard Weights: cock-1.7 kg; hen-1.3 kg

Bild 138a

           Photo credits: www.sv-cochin-brahma-zwerg-brahma.de

1,2 Zwerg-Brahma wei--scharzcolumbia V 97 EB - B-cker (1)

             Photo credits: www.sv-cochin-brahma-zwerg-brahma.de


               Photo credits: www.schwabachtal.de 


                    Photo credits: www.our-chicken.com

brahma pitic

photo credits:www.salspurebreedpoultryinwales.co.uk

brahma pitic potarnichiu

photo credits:www.salspurebreedpoultryinwales.co.uk

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